Analyze business processes

Let the data work for your good!


We make forecasts on the main indicators of sales. We investigate what factors influence sales. We count costs and losses, volumes and seasonality of sales, the average check, the distribution of revenue.

Web analysis

Get to know more about the audience of your website and the effectiveness of your web resource. We investigate the behavior of customers, the effectiveness of mail and promotional campaigns.


We investigate the effectiveness of discount programs, the life cycle of customers, goods, etc. We define the most popular discounts, simulate sales funnels, conduct A / B testing.


We develop KPI for employee motivation. We analyze the working time, the wage fund, the load of cash. We will help with logistics.


We calculate the profit and income, operating and commercial expenses, various types of taxes. Prepare a report on cash flows. We define "large, medium and small fish" among customers.


We’ll define popular product groups and conduct an ABC analysis (to define the most and least significant goods for a business).

Data Analytics for Business

We analyze the data of your business: set up data systems, process raw data and develop reports. This reports will show the hidden patterns and help meet the company aims through transparent analytics.
We make calculations that can not be handled by full-time accountants and marketers, we use intelligent data analysis. You won’t have to pay for the working hours, but for the results of our work in a form of clear and useful reports.

How it works?

Let’s see some examples of the reports. First we process the raw sales data.

Date Name Sum Notes
14/01/2018 Chamomiles 80
15/01/2018 Roses 94
16/01/2018 Begonias 80
17/01/2018 Orchids 80
18/01/2018 Roses 80
19/01/2018 Tulips 80 Cashback
20/01/2018 Tulips 80
21/01/2018 Chamomiles 80 Cancellation
25/01/2018 Violets 80
26/01/2018 Roses 80
27/01/2018 Chamomiles 80


We develop motivation systems — we forecast the plans and count on their implementation.

KPI prognosis

Assortment analysis

With the help of associative rules we define popular groups of goods: you will be able to correctly arrange them and adjust the promotions.

Cluster analysis

We group the business objects (for example, to see the so called small and large fishes among your clients).

Cluster analysis

Promo efficiency

We investigate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, the dynamics of revenue for each day.

Promo analysis

What shops are more efficient?

We group the data on revenue and rent and add coordinates of every shopping unit. Now you understand the effectiveness of each of them, see the ratio of costs and profits.

ABC analysis

We determine the significant positions of the assortment. You will learn how to revise the assortment and what positions to promote.

ABC analiz

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